Spring & Summer at Multiversal Vintage

Starting with this Spring I launched a new collection of vintage fashion pieces. Some of them have sold, but I do still have a few summer style dresses left in stock. I’ll add more dresses to restock the shop soon in the following weeks to come. I wanted to prepare for the summer dress season with delicate and flirty maxis. This one is for all the romantic prairie girl dreamers out there. As we all know, we are in the midst of the wedding season. You’ll love how perfect these are for any wedding, whether you’re the guest or the maid of honor.

I love drapey chiffon and a gown with some movement. Peachy pastels will always be at the top of my list when it comes to hot weather colors. The 1970s maxi dress below has a fluttery sleeve with a long flowing bottom. Tiny little details like the sweet embroidered flowers around the trim really make me smile.

One of the newest summer trends I’ve noticed is beige color palettes. If you’re more into neutral shades for your apparel, then consider muted blush & fair salmon tones to brighten things up. It still fits well into a minimalistic wardrobe without being too vibrant.

Maybe less fabric and more casual is your vibe. You can never go wrong with a pale purple tone to get you through those sunny days.

This vintage ’90s pastel watercolor slip gown is for someone who can appreciate a good print. It has a sheer feather-light overlay giving it a soft earthy appeal. It’s light and airy and has a deep lowcut back for added bonus points.

Remember, when purchasing vintage not only are you purchasing items of higher quality than most of the modern fast fashion you see today, but you’re practicing ethically conscious shopping. It’s good for your wallet and the environment.

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